A Line of Ants, by Jessica Crum Ashworth

Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to finding myself on a path leading to destruction. That’s the whole reason I started this journey. Even now, if I’m not careful, I will find myself having been distracted off the way I should be going into following along behind, heading for certain disaster. Just this year, by the grace of God, I’ve been derailed TWICE from a direction I could have sworn was the right way (more on that later).

It would be easy to get discouraged over this habit I have of getting caught up in the wrong thing and ending up lost.

That’s why I’m excited to help promote my friend Jessica’s children’s book: A Line of Ants. Children, even adults, can benefit from being reminded of the message: Be careful what path you choose; don’t blindly follow others; and don’t be too hard on yourself when things go awry, because, hey, that’s just life.

I’ve known Jessica for years and have been fortunate to have worked with her when she provided a weekly column in a newspaper I edited.

Jessica has had an enormous positive influence on our community not just through teaching elementary, but also through her gift of language as the Cottage Poet.

She’s been inspiring kids and grownups for awhile, so it was no surprise when she came out with this little book with such a profound (dare I say udder?) truth about what it means to navigate the world.

Bright, captivating illustrations of Willie and the ants also help curious youngsters build on beginning readers’ skills of understanding, fluency and vocabulary.

Jessica’s schedule for 2023 is likely to fill up fast as she makes slots available for readings at elementary schools. She’d be happy to come to your class. Just shoot her an email at thelittlecreekhouse@yahoo.com.

But that’s not even the best part! Jessica and I are also teaming up to offer our readers a chance to get a signed copy of A Line of Ants!

Click here for all the details!


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