Change your life

I did. I got a cow.

A cow is a big deal. You don’t just go out and get a cow. You have to prepare for a cow. You have to make a place for a cow, because a cow needs a lot.

She needs space. Grass. And not just any grass. Grass for a cow can take up a lot of your mind when you get a cow.

A cow also needs friends. Goats will do, but she will prefer other cows that she can boss.

You also have to learn to listen to cows. Cows do not yell when they are feeling poorly.

Ever since I got a cow, and goats, and began thinking about grass and other plants, I’ve noticed that my way of looking at the world has changed.

Put simply, the process of caring for animals and growing plants changes how you look at life. In the most basic way, it requires a slowing down, a more careful attention, an acute awareness.

And that awareness spills over into other things. Sometimes it startles me, what drifts into my awareness. Sometimes it confuses me. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it terrifies me.

But it’s never boring. And it’s never empty.

If you click on this link, it will take you to the first inkling I had that change was coming. You can start there and work you’re way up to the present, or, you can peruse the categories in the menu to the right, jumping around however you desire. Or you can start with the most recent posts and work your way back.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions, if anything seems unclear, or if there are broken links. I love to talk and learn about animals, gardening, milk, microbes, compost, change, truth, cows, life, God…well, you get the idea. 

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